Gritslim Weight Loss Kickstarter Combo (Morning & Night Intense Cleanse Combo)

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This combo is perfect for beginners, in a month you will see amazing results if you follow the directions that come with it. 

It includes:

* 1 Pack of Gritslim Detox Tea

* 1 Pack of Gritslim Night Boost

This combo is a selection of natural plant extracts that will set your metabolism ablaze, improve digestion, and suppress appetite; this helps with portion control, mindless snacking, and eating thereby creating a caloric deficit for you to efficiently and effectively lose weight and blast belly fat. Morning and night intense cleanse combo to facilitate WEIGHTLOSS & relief bloating/constipation)

Winner gets $500

2nd place $300

3rd place $200

Candidates will-

Get coached by a certified nutritionist on a daily with personal meal plans.

Get 90 days of Gritslim tea supply.

Daily Accountability will be enforced, and candidates will leave with lifelong core principles to avoid weight regain.