Posted on January 09 2022

With the imminent threat of half of the world’s population risking to be overweight by 2050, the Nutrition, Wellness, and Fitness world is in a total panic trying to prevent this by all means possible and Grit Slim is more than determined to make sure we do our quota to avert this.
Given that overweight comes because of storing calories consumed but not expending any, activities that can help with energy expenditure are very beneficial. Lack of time to exercise, meal prep, or follow a diet plan is the all-around excuse of why most people become overweight.
Here are 3 simple tips to help expend energy and burn fat on your busiest day
1. Pack  your car 5 minutes from your office or any other destination: This allows you to get a 10 minutes’ walk to and from your destination while going about your daily activity. A simple 10-minute work can lower body fat, improve cholesterol, and boost metabolism.
2. Take the stairs not the elevator: Always opt to take the stairs. Climbing stairs can improve cholesterol, increase leg power, and help you attain and maintain healthy body weight.
3.Set an hour timer for 2 minutes’ walk around the office; If you work for 8 hours daily and respect your 2 minutes’ walk every hour by the end of your day, you will have walked for 16 minutes. If you do this in conjunction with tip 1, that is a total of 26 minute's walk a day, enough to lower body fat, improve blood circulation which can ward off heart disease, strengthen your muscles, improve sleep, and even lighten your mood.
Sound simple right? Well, that is because it is doable. However, to achieve this you will need to make a few adjustments to your wake-up time. And there is no price too outrageous to pay when it comes to staying healthy. The beauty of all this is even when you are late and rushing and still stick by your 4 rules, you will be jogging to the place instead of walking. It is a win, win.



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    Great pieace of article, i love this article this fat burning tips are going to improve my quality of life and those around me.
    we need more thank you so much.

    Posted by MACVILLE NJI FONTAWAH | March 20, 2022
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